Thursday’s Thoughts from Will 02.11.2021

The ICBC choir had their first rehearsal of the year last night with just under 50 in attendance. I know many others of you wished you could be there and we missed you. We had a good rehearsal and we are plugging away at several songs to be ready to record in the coming weeks. Our next rehearsal for the choir will be Wednesday, February 24th from 6:30-8. My plan is to record two songs:

My Great God Cares for Me
Then Will the Very Rocks Cry Out

We REALLY would love to have as many of you can come be at this next rehearsal/recording session!

Our next rehearsal time after the 24th will be for both Orchestra and Choir on Wednesday March 10th. We will return to our previous rehearsal schedule 5:45-6:45 for Orchestra and 6:45-8ish for Choir. Orchestra, we will be looking at a new feature for Easter and a new congregational song. Choir we will be plugging away at getting things ready for Sunday morning videos.

IF things continue to improve with virus and/or many of you receiving vaccine, we will begin mostly weekly rehearsals from march 10th on. At that point, I want to go back and pick up some of the music we’ve been working on and maybe a few others tunes and look at doing another recording session like we did in December with choir and orchestra together. I’m not sure of the date just yet, but likely in earlier May.

It’s still such a crazy time right now. I’m thankful things are looking up and we see a light at the end of this tunnel. I’m thankful for the many of you that are praying for me and for my family. I’m praying for you all too. Don’t be afraid to reach out if you need something. We’re in this together.

Be sure and check out the Prayer Requests and Praises page

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I'm a local church Minister of Music from the Atlanta area with a Doctor of Musical Arts degree in Church Music with specializations in worship and hymnology from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. Contact me at

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