Prayer Requests and Praises

Pray for Keith Brown’s mother who is having surgery on her spine in New York on May 30th.

Pray for David Clabo (bass) who broke his foot and will be in a boot for 6 weeks.

Continue to pray for Marie Myers’ (soprano) husband as they fight his cancer. They are discussing radiation options right now.

Pray for Susie Mason (Alto) who still deals with back issues.

Pray for Breanna Johnson (Alto) who is awaiting results from a biopsy-testing for possible cancer cells.

Andi Worley’s (Alto) daughter in her chemo treatments. Pray for good progress and renew strength.

Pray for ICBC that God would allow us to continue growing beyond what seems physically impossible (space) right now. Pray specifically for wisdom for our leadership and open doors to further the gospel message.