Prayer Requests and Praises

Pray for all those affected by the new virus and for health for all others.

Pray for those (healthcare workers and others who give care) who are on the frontlines.

Continue Pray for Ernest Norton as he recovers from pneumonia.

Pray for Larry Price’s daughter, Krista, battling third round of cancer.

Pray for Lisa Viera- still battling health issues. Was in hospital for C-diff again this last week.

Pray for Sheilah and Will Halker’s nice, Brooke, who has a brain tumor. Not sure if malignant.

Pray for Tommy Thompson (Mary’s husband) who had a fall on Monday (April 6) and fractured a vertebrae and is recovering slowly.

Continue to pray for Jane Bishop’s dad (Jim) and Jane and mom as they transition him home–hopefully discharged this week,

Pray for Tom Casey (tenor) as he continues chemo and radiation treatments for cancer.

Andi Worley’s (Alto) daughter in her chemo treatments. Pray for good progress and renew strength.

Pray for ICBC that God would allow us to continue growing beyond what seems physically impossible (space) right now. Pray specifically for wisdom for our leadership and open doors to further the gospel message.