Thursday’s Thoughts from Will 12.03.2020

Great rehearsal last night! I think we’re ready to record Saturday. I’m going to raise the height of my platform so I’m much higher. One thing we learned last night is that the choir has to raise their heads higher or all we’ll see are your heads as you sing. Also, the orchestra will be able to see me better the higher I am. See below what I mean. I think if I’m close to even with the TV on the back wall, we should be fine visually.

On Saturday, our orchestra will start recording (please arrive no later than 8:45). Choir, be ready about 9:15 to enter as soon as they are finished. We will open the doors ASAP after they are finished. If you arrive early, you’ll need to wait in your car because we are locking the doors to record. The weather forecast shows a 30 something degree temp about the time of the recording, so don’t arrive any earlier than you have to unless you plan to wait in your car. 

About 9:30 we will begin recording the 4 new tunes for both choir and orchestra. We may do each song 2-3 times, depending on how things go. I will plan to give you all as much time to sit as possible. 

Please plan to wear something festive and ladies plan to wear a little more make-up than you normally would. The camera and lighting will not be ideal because we have to spread out so far.

Choir, continue to internalize the music so you can lift your head and watch me!

Couple of quick things in recap:
1. Please remove the sticky notes off your choir folder so your folder is completely black.
2. Plan to leave your choir folder after we record on Saturday so we may clean them out and get them ready for when we return in January.
3. Remember to silence all electronic devices as we record.
4. Wear Christmas colors, but not too flashy!
5. Invite your friends and pray!

Link to all things CIC 2020 related: Christmas at Ivy Creek 2020

Here’s the musical order for your folders of things we’ll record:

  1. Sing We Now of Christmas– Orchestra Feature (no choir)
  2. All Creation Sing
  3. Adore
  4. Glorious Wonder
  5. A Cradle in the Shadow of the Cross

In closing let me remind you to use this graphic below to advertise our premiere on the 10th. If they can’t watch it on the 10th at 7 pm, then it will be available after that throughout the season.

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