Thursday’s Thoughts from Will 10.01.2020

Hard to believe it’s the first of October. It certainly feels like it, but with this crazy year everything feels abnormal! Lots to digest this week.

  1. NEXT Wednesday, the 7th, we will resume weekly rehearsals for choir and orchestra. orchestra will beginning at 5:45 and then choir will join at 6:45. As soon as the choir arrives, we will record “Days of Elijah” together. We’re doing this for two reasons. First, to have more choral things to insert into our Sunday services. Second, to see if we need to make some adjustments to how we record choir and orchestra together so we’ll be ready for our Christmas recording session. After we finish recording, I’ll send the orchestra home and choir we will begin rehearsing some general service things we’ve been working on and also start some Christmas music!
  2. While I don’t have ALL of the music here yet because it hasn’t arrived, much of our Christmas music may be found on the Christmas at Ivy Creek 2020 part of our blog here: Christmas at Ivy Creek 2020. The full audio recordings are available for all of the songs we will record on December 5th.

CIC 2020 stuff

As I mentioned last week, CIC will be a digital only offering. I’m a list guy so I’ll fill you in on the details thus far in list format:

  1. We will use a few songs from last year in our recording: The Glory Divine Overture (orch) with Ring the Bells, Jesus What a Wonderful Child, and Mary, Did You Know. Stephen has already “lifted” those songs out of our recording from last year.
  2. We will revisit and record live two songs we did three years ago: Adore (one of my favorites) and A Cradle in the Shadow of a Cross.
  3. Choir, we will learn two brand new Christmas songs (look for the audio links on the CIC 2020 tab on our blog): All Creation Sing (Sing Joy) and Glorious Wonder.
  4. Orchestra will learn one new feature this year–an awesome and fun arrangement of “Sing We Now of Christmas.” Everyone should listen to this song-it’s fun.
  5. My plan is for us to rehearse all of these tunes during the month of October and November and record in about a 3 hour block on Saturday, December 5th. I haven’t decided the exact time frames for that day, but I will be sending out a survey to see what works BEST for the MOST people.
  6. We’re in a bit of a time crunch to get all of this learned. BUT, for the new songs, I have voiced enhanced recordings for the choir. Orchestra, we’re going to have to work hard to get everything complete since we have more to learn, but I know you can do it!
  7. Once all the music is compiled, I’m going to have Beverly Skinner record some narrations off-site and outdoors, so we can tie it all together.
  8. What to wear for the recording—we’re not going to wear our formal outfits. Let’s go with Christmas colors (sweaters or at least red, green, silver, gold, blue types of things). Let’s make it festive.

Thanks for getting on board with the strangeness of it all and allowing me to take a different approach than we all would’ve liked. To me, this is the best way to keep all of us involved and participate.

One final note! I’m not opposed (as in all CICs before) to having guests come and sing with us for this event. OR play (if they play an instrument we need!) I have room for 95 singers and I’d love to have that many sing to fill out the sound and help us balance our orchestra. Short term commitment is fine for this event, but let me know as soon as you can. The converse is true, if you know you’ll not be able to sing or play on the 5th, let me know as well.

Can’t wait till next Wednesday!. Reminder for all—we’ll start meeting every Wednesday starting this Wednesday until we record with the exception of Thanksgiving week- (Orch we may continue to meet to get ready for Candlelight service).

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I'm a local church Minister of Music from the Atlanta area with a Doctor of Musical Arts degree in Church Music with specializations in worship and hymnology from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. Contact me at

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