Thursday’s Thoughts from Will 06.25.2020

I enjoyed our Zoom meeting last night. Love for more of ya’ll to join us each Wednesday at 7 p.m. It’s fun and informative. The link is the same each week, so you can go to any of the emails I’ve sent as reminders and click on it to access the zoom meeting!

I sent out a survey for the choir yesterday and so far almost 2/3 of our folks have filled out the survey on the choir returning to sing in worship. If you haven’t had the chance to do that (and you sing in the choir) please do that as soon as possible.

Click the link here to access the survey:

So far it seems about 80% of our singers are ready to sing on a Sunday as long as there is physical distance between members. This is encouraging! I’ll let you know more of the results as we get more responses in. The one thing that DID stand out to me in our survey thus far is that 88% of our folks are willing to have an extended rehearsal spread out all over the sanctuary. I think this says to me you all are as hungry to sing and lift your voice in praise as I am, but not all of that number are ready to get into a loft, physically spread out or not. I hear you; I’m listening! I’ll probably schedule a Wednesday night time of singing and play for choir and orchestra within the month where little to no physical contact will be necessary. I’ll be in touch soon about those details.

As always, any of the plans I might mention are tentative. I’m also waiting to see what schools in our area are doing. The choral music educators I’ve spoken with are most likely having to find the largest room they can get to rehearse spread out—one with good ventilation. You all know we like our air flow at Ivy Creek so we’ve got ventilation in our favor! I’ll keep you posted; thank you for your patience.

Click the link here to access the survey:

Orchestra, I’m very excited that several of you will be joining us this coming Sunday to play for the first time since early March. I truly wished I would’ve been able to have as many of you back as wanted to play, but the situation is such that we cannot for the time being. Some of you play a part that only you cover so I can use you as often as you’re able. Unfortunately, there are other parts where there are several playing the same part and I’ll use you as often as I can. If you know you’re going to be out certain weeks, PLEASE use Planning Center to block out dates so I’ll know you’re unavailable. It helps me not have to make several calls or emails throughout the week to find available players. If you’re not sure how to do that, I’ll gladly help you download the app to your phone and show you how to do that.

One last thing in closing, Ernest Norton is having some risky back surgery on Friday. Please pray for him and the medical team!

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