Thursday’s Thoughts from Will 08.01.19

FINALLY,  Sunday we present, “Thou, O Lord.” This is always a “fan favorite” so be sure and make plans to be here. Orchestra and Praise Team will warm-up at 8:30. Choir will warm-up at 9:10 for first service. Hope to see many of you here!

Here are some important announcements:

CIC PREVIEW PARTY for ALL Music Ministry Folks- Wednesday, August 14th from 6:45-8.

Don’t forget to SIGN-UP! We’ll begin collecting payments on Wednesday, August for choir clinic 19Sign Up here for Choir Clinic:



Old Paths Ad

Check out these important links:

Current Worship Order

Weekly Devotion

Prayer Requests and Praises

Current Choral Music (Audio)

2 thoughts on “Thursday’s Thoughts from Will 08.01.19”

  1. Why is “Thou O Lord” not listed in the available choral music to review?? I would like to review it before Sunday, please!!


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