Thursday’s Thoughts from Will 10.11.18

Youth Choir is singing this Sunday so no adult choir in the loft.

Tailgating Party begins at 4 p.m. Saturday. Bring a chair!

CIC rehearsal 4-6. Choir will start in the Fellowship Building. Orchestra in Sanctuary.

We’ve had a pretty good response for help with the Fall Festival. I’d like to have about 4-5 more volunteers. Please let me know when you’d like to work. 30 minute shifts (4-4:30; 4:30-5; 5-5:30; 5:30-6)

Saturday October 13-
Music Ministry Fall Tailgating Party 4-7 p.m. Sign ups are still happening!
Sunday October 14- Youth Choir sings in Worship Services—CIC Rehearsal 4-6
Fall Festival October 21st- Each year the music ministry provides two different games for the event. One is a Candy Spin (easy) and the other is the Pumpkin Decorating (which is fun, but a little more help with the children is required). I need approx. 8-16 volunteers to take 30 minute shifts for these games from 4-6. If you are interested, please let me know.
Sunday November 4th- Calvary Children’s Home in Morning Worship Services. No choir or full orchestra that day.
Thursday November 8th- Jubal Brass Concert 7 p.m. at Ivy Creek. Invite your friends!

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