Thursday’s Thoughts from Will 7.19.18

It was great to have you all back in rehearsals last night. If you didn’t get a chance to welcome our new soprano last night, Nita Danenburg, be sure and find her and say hello.

Sunday the choir (piano and organ only) will sing “Our God is God.” I hope you will join us for warm-up at 9:10. Orchestra and Praise Team, we will gather as usual at 8:30 for our warm-up.

A couple of dates to be aware of:

Wednesday, August 1- Preview Night for Christmas at Ivy Creek 2018 from 6:45-8

Sunday, September 2- choir will not sing in worship service; the orchestra will play

Sunday, September 30- Centennial Celebration (evening service). We will premier our comissioned piece (which you will have very soon) during this service. More on this later

As always, check out our updated areas on the blog. Here are a few I’ve updated recently:

Weekly Devotion

Current Worship Order

Current Choral Music (Audio)

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