Thursday’s Thoughts from Will 02.15.18

This Sunday the choir will sing “Chainbreaker” (Click to listen to Chainbreaker ) with the orchestra and Pastor Craig singing the solo. Orchestra will also play the prelude, “In Christ Alone.” It’s going to be a great morning and I hope we can finally get ALL our people back! Orchestra meet at 8:30 and Choir at 9:10. Check out the other stuff we’re doing Sunday here Current Worship Order

Don’t forget our Winter Revival starts NEXT SUNDAY. We will sing and play on Sunday night and Wednesday night Feb 25 and 28th. Orchestra warmup at 530, choir at 6 both nights.

Also, keep on your calendar March 11th from 4-6 PM for a special rehearsal for our Easter Event on the evening of March 25th. This rehearsal is critical since our rehearsal time has been cut short due to various reasons so far this year.

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