Thursday’s Thoughts from Will July 14, 2022

I can’t believe the summer is almost ending. Andrew went to his first band camp rehearsal this morning so we know school starting is just around the corner! This means that are rehearsals will be resuming in just a few short weeks. While we aren’t all leading each week in Sunday morning worship just yet, we have some wonderful opportunities to make music, fellowship, and YES worship our Creator at the same time.

Preparations for the fall are in full swing. Christmas at Ivy Creek 2022 (December 2-4) music has been selected and we’re working diligently to get all the pieces of the music loaded into Planning Center and create a few packets for those still not using a digital device (please email Jana immediately if you haven’t already if you wish to . On Wednesday, July 27th we will have our CIC PREVIEW PARTY in the FELLOWSHIP BUILDING beginning at 6 p.m. Please do not arrive before 5:30!We will preview our music and we’ll provide some light snacks for everyone. We will also have some giveaways! Go ahead and put this date down. At this preview party, I will give out the dates for our tentative FULL rehearsals, which will likely be fewer than in year’s past and will begin in late October.

After our preview party, we will begin rehearsing Christmas music on Wednesday nights in the fellowship building (until we can return to the sanctuary for rehearsals). Because of the space issues and time to set up for orchestra rehearsals, we will adopt a bi-monthly rehearsal schedule for each group. Here’s what I mean: Choir will rehearse every other week from 6-8 and orchestra will rehearse on the other weeks from 6-8. This will allow us to dive deep into our music and only have to set up for one rehearsal group each week. Don’t worry if you can’t be here for the whole 2 hours- just come to the parts you can. Below is our tentative rehearsal schedule through October 5th:


Wednesday,July 27- CIC Preview Party 6-7:30ish- FB
Wednesday, August 3- Choir Rehearsal 6-8 pm- FB
Wednesday, August 10-Orchestra Rehearsal 6-8 pm-FB
Wednesday, August 17- Choir Rehearsal 6-8 pm- FB
Wednesday, August 24-Orchestra Rehearsal 6-8 pm-FB
Wednesday, August 31- Choir Rehearsal 6-8 pm- FB
Wednesday, September 7-Orchestra Rehearsal 6-8 pm-FB
Wednesday, September 14- Choir Rehearsal 6-8 pm- FB
Wednesday, September 21-Orchestra Rehearsal 6-8 pm-FB
Wednesday, September 28- Choir Rehearsal 6-8 pm- FB
Wednesday, October 5-Orchestra Rehearsal 6-8 pm-FB

Once we get back into the sanctuary, we will have combined rehearsals from 6-8 (again, get here when you can) until CIC, with the exception of the Thanksgiving Service on November 16th and the week of Thanksgiving (23rd).

Thank you all for your patience during this season. I hope you see you in worship on Sundays this summer when you’re in town.

Published by Dr. Will Whittaker

I'm a local church Minister of Music from the Atlanta area with a Doctor of Musical Arts degree in Church Music with specializations in worship and hymnology from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. Contact me at

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