Christmas at Ivy Creek 2021 Things to Know this Week

Christmas at Ivy Creek is upon us, after having a two year hiatus! Woo hoo. I know you’re as excited as I am about our 3 presentations this weekend. I’m sending this as a link on our blog/webpage so that you’ll be able to refer to it if you need to. Here’s what you need to know:

Tomorrow night- FULL rehearsal (normal clothes) from 6- no later than 9. Please arrive a little early so we can make use of all the time we have.

  • Please arrive each night approximately 1 hour before each presentation to the Fellowship Building. Light refreshments will be served Friday night. Water will be available each night.
  • Please refrain from using scented soaps, lotions, perfumes, cologne, and scented hair spray.  Some of our choir members are allergic to scents and these can cause medical issues for them.  However, please DO use deodorant.
  • Please wear a long black skirt or pants (pants need to come down to your shoes, not capri style) with your black sparkly top.  Close toe black shoes should be worn.  If you are sitting on the front row, you may want to wear black socks or hosiery.  Men should wear their black dress shirt, undershirt, black pants, burgundy tie, black socks, and black shoes.
  • You should not wear your watch during the performance.  Also, avoid sparkly/dangly earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.  Small earrings are acceptable.  Wedding rings are acceptable.
  • Due to the amount of lighting on the choir, women’s makeup should be more pronounced, especially eye make-up and dark red lipstick.  The lights tend to wash you out and make you look pale.
  • Please be sure to turn music pages as quietly as possible.  The mics pic up everything.  If you’re using a device, please make sure it’s charged before each presentation. If you’re a choir member, make sure the back of your device that is seen is dark grey or black so it blends with the regular black choir folders. Use the lowest light setting on your device you can see. Also, remember to turn the screen off during narrations so there isn’t lot of unnecessary light coming from the choir loft.
  • if you need to have water in the loft, it must have a secure top on it. 
  • Please silence your cell phone, so there won’t be in any ringing during the Presentation.  The fellowship building will be locked as we leave for the sanctuary and will remain locked until the program is over, so your belongings will be secure if you choose to bring them.
  • Please park in the fenced in lot across the street from the Education building or around the Education building if you are physically able to do so.  That will allow our guests to have parking closer to the sanctuary.
  • Be Flexible!!

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I'm a local church Minister of Music from the Atlanta area with a Doctor of Musical Arts degree in Church Music with specializations in worship and hymnology from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. Contact me at

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