Thursday’s Thoughts from Will 03.25.2021

Great rehearsals last night! We’re gearing up for Easter and the choir return!

Here’s our upcoming schedule:

March 31st- Orchestra at 5:45-6:45; Choir from 6:45-8 (solo auditions for Waymaker after choir)
April 14th- Orchestra at 5:45-6:45; Choir from 6:45-8
April 21st- Orchestra at 5:45-6:45; Choir from 6:45-8

April 25th is our tentative date for choir return to the loft. I sent out the survey but if you missed it, please fill out here: I’m looking for at least 40 people to indicate yes or maybe before I put this date in stone.

Also, thank you to the folks who have been sitting in the choir loft. I appreciate you all willing to free up some space for others on the floor. We made some adjustments to the choir monitor to hear Pastor Craig better for those of you who had concerns about that.

Singers: auditions for Waymaker solo are after choir next Wednesday the 31st.

Be sure and check out the Prayer Requests and Praises page for up to date needs.

Published by Dr. Will Whittaker

I'm a local church Minister of Music from the Atlanta area with a Doctor of Musical Arts degree in Church Music with specializations in worship and hymnology from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. Contact me at

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