Thursday’s Thoughts from Will 09.10.2020

Good morning! We had another great rehearsal last night. We recorded two anthems to use in the near future. I’m so thankful we have a way to participate in our worship services even if we can’t all be there physically. I’ll plan for us to record in our next rehearsal, so make your plans now to be in attendance.

Speaking of our next rehearsal…we will meet again on Wednesday, September 23rd. Starting in our next rehearsal, we will begin at 6:45 and go until 8:00. This was our normal time frame BC (before Covid) and I’d like to get us back on track because starting in October, orchestra rehearsals will begin.

Thank you for your patience as we try to move towards some normalcy. I know many of you would like for things to be like they were today, but the reality is a more careful, measured approach is best. My goal is to start using partial choir on Sundays beginning in October, which means we will resume weekly Wednesday rehearsals on October 7th. ORCHESTRA: We will tentatively begin having our weekly rehearsals on that night as well. However, we will begin at 6 pm and overlap with the choir to record a few anthems to have. I’ll be in touch closer to time related to this.

Prayer Requests

Please be in prayer for Carol Tate as she recovers from surgery and for Mrs. Bobbie Masters and her family as hospice has been called in for her.

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I'm a local church Minister of Music from the Atlanta area with a Doctor of Musical Arts degree in Church Music with specializations in worship and hymnology from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. Contact me at

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