Thursday’s Thoughts from Will 07.09.2020


During our Zoom last night (which many of you are no longer attending) I discussed some things related to our choir. At this point, I have no plans to have the choir return to the loft for the foreseeable future due to the increase in cases and the fact that schools across Georgia are following guidance of one of the national music educators professional organizations that says no singing in schools. This news is heartbreaking for many of the music educators I know. There are some other studies others are waiting results on, but I’m not willing to risk your safety at this point. It appears that many of my music ministry colleagues are following suit and keeping choirs dormant for a little while longer. Our biggest issue is space, which you all know has been a problem. We simply cannot sing and have players in the same space and properly distance ourselves enough to provide a quality offering of worship. However, we can look at a very spaced out rehearsal sometime in August in the sanctuary, if things stabilize somewhat.

So, for now, limited orchestra and praise team and either solo specials or small groups for now. As I told the folks on Zoom last night, I feel just awful not being able to put a target date to resume in front of you just yet. I was definitely hoping it would be in August once school started, but it will have to be either later in the month, or September or whenever. Regardless, I will keep you informed and I’m praying for wisdom—join me in praying too. I miss you all very much and I thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your patience!

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One thought on “Thursday’s Thoughts from Will 07.09.2020

  1. Thank you for the updates. I too am disappointed as I was wanting to sing my way out of my sadness over Howard.

    Sandy Thrift



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