Thursday Thoughts from Will 10.17.19

SUNDAY AFTERNOON: CIC Rehearsal for ALL Choir and Orchestra- Sunday, October 20th from 4-6. Orchestra will begin in the Sanctuary and Choir in the Fellowship Building and then we’ll come together for the last 45 minutes or so.

Important Notes:

  1. We are PULLING “We Call it Christmas” from the CIC program this year and will do it for CIC 2020.  Don’t turn it in now, but just know we’re going to bump it.
  2.  Choir is not singing on Sunday October 27 or November 3 (youth choir and Calvary Children’s choir will lead those days. Orchestra HOLIDAY is on morning services of November 3rd (enjoy your one break a year from playing!)
  3. HOWEVER, we will have a CIC rehearsal the afternoon of November 3rd

Church Fall Festival is in two weeks (the 27th) from 4-6 pm. I still need a few more volunteers to help with our assigned booths. If you can help set up or take down or work a 30 minute slot (4-430; 430-5; 5-530; 530-6), please let me know ASAP.

I’m looking forward to the great times of worship the next several weeks. Check out the Current Choral Music (Audio) link for listening recordings of all the tunes we are working on for the choir. If you need something related to CIC for the next few months, be sure to visit this link: Christmas at Ivy Creek. Right now, you’ll find the digital listening files and the schedule you received in your packet. Within the next few weeks, we’ll be adding the digital music files for you tablet users.


Check out these important links:

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