Thursday’s Thoughts from Will 09.26.19

Sunday we present "Great I Am." Hope you'll join us for both services. I’m looking forward to the great times of worship the next several weeks. Check out the Current Choral Music (Audio) link for listening recordings of all the tunes we are working on for the choir. If you need something related to CIC for the next… Continue reading Thursday’s Thoughts from Will 09.26.19

Thursday’s Thoughts from Will 09.19.19

Great rehearsals last night! If you didn't make it, we missed you. Sunday we are presenting a new song, "Breath and Clay" with our pastor singing the solo. I know you won't want to miss this great song if you are in town. ORCHESTRA: WE HAVE A SPECIAL REHEARSAL FOR CIC SUNDAY THE 22ND FROM… Continue reading Thursday’s Thoughts from Will 09.19.19