Thursday’s Thoughts from Will 04.25.19

Sunday we are presenting¬†Days of Elijah in both worship services. We have baptisms in both services, so remember, we will present our anthem after the baptisms and the opening congregational song. IMPORTANT INFO BELOW: NO rehearsals next Wednesday, May 1st except for Youth Choir. *MUSIC MINISTRY SPRING CONCERT- MAY 5TH AT 6 P.M. WARM-UPS/REHEARSAL BEGINS… Continue reading Thursday’s Thoughts from Will 04.25.19

Thursday’s Thoughts from Will-Easter Edition

Lots of exciting times in the next few weeks. Be sure to take notice of the important times and events. I'm looking forward to the wonderful times of worship and I hope you are as well. We had some great rehearsals last night and I know we're ready. We also had several new prayer concerns… Continue reading Thursday’s Thoughts from Will-Easter Edition

Thursday’s Thoughts from Will 04.11.19

This Sunday both the Choir (Calvary's Love)¬†and Youth Choir (Living Hope) are singing. Like I mentioned last night, we'll have to do some shifting and being flexible to make the transitions happen smoothly in the service. Please join us Sunday! Being Palm Sunday, we will celebrate around the table as we experience the Lord's Supper.… Continue reading Thursday’s Thoughts from Will 04.11.19