Thursday’s Thoughts from Will 03.28.19

Sunday we are not in the loft. We will not have rehearsal next Wednesday nor will we have a weekly newsletter. HOWEVER, we will sing Glorious Day on Sunday, April 7th. Orchestra will play both weekends (as usual). Hope you enjoy a short break before Easter and our Spring Concert get here! Easter news–SOME CHANGES… Continue reading Thursday’s Thoughts from Will 03.28.19

Thursday’s Thoughts from Will 03.21.19

*THIS SUNDAY!! SPECIAL REHEARSAL FOR ALL CHOIR AND ORCHESTRA MARCH 24 from 4-6 pm. Choir will begin in the Fellowship Building and Orchestra in Sanctuary. Before Sunday, be sure and listen to "You Are Worthy." Childcare is available. You Are Worthy (Voice Enhanced Parts for choir) You Are Worthy- full demo– orchestra will definitely want to… Continue reading Thursday’s Thoughts from Will 03.21.19