Thursday’s Thoughts from Will 11.29.18

This is a long email. Please read the entire thing.

Considering some of the technical difficulties we encountered last night, we accomplished much in our penultimate CIC rehearsal. I was hoping choir and orchestra wouldn’t have to return tonight, but it became obvious early on that wasn’t going to happen…and that’s okay. I’m the first to admit that while CIC is a priority for our music ministry each year, I don’t want it to consume 80% of our rehearsal time in the fall. Outside of a few moments on Wednesday rehearsals, we’ve managed to pull this off with only 12 hours of rehearsal thus far. That’s incredible, when you think about it!

So, when we have some issues with a song like “Advent Hymn,” I cannot blame anyone but myself for not spending enough time with you on this song. That said, I’m urging you (strongly) to spend some time today reviewing your score and listening CD or mp3. I can send you a direct link or you may access it here:

We will spend whatever time we need with this song tonight to make sure it’s where it needs to be. Because it’s a capella, every wrong note is exposed. If you’re unsure, please hold back vocally. If we need more time after tonight , we will review on Friday during our gathering time. I’ll let you know tonight if we need to get our scores for that rehearsal. I want us ALL to feel confident.

Orchestra: please remember to warm-up prior to 30 minutes before each presentation. It is imperative that once we take our places just before the service that you NOT take that moment to do any playing. There is pre-service music scheduled. We will do a quick moment of tuning just before “The Joy of Christmas.” If you arrive late for some reason, please step in the back hallway to warm up. Thank you in advance.

Tomorrow night: please arrive at 6 pm if possible. There will be some light refreshments in the fellowship building. Orchestra, you may warm up during the first part of the 6 o’clock time frame, but join us as soon as you’re able. People will start arriving early. Unlike our regular services, we’re likely to have more visitors tomorrow night so we want to clear out of the way as quickly as possible.

Saturday and Sunday evenings: arrive at 5:30.

If you are unclear on what to wear, please contact me or your care group leader. Be sure and wear no unnecessary jewelry, no scented lotions or perfume/cologne but plenty of deodorant. Men, wear an undershirt. Ladies, if your hairstyle allows, wear your hair down and not up in a ponytail. Ladies, wear heavier makeup than usual and a bold red lipstick—those lights are bright!

If possible, park across from the education building in the overflow parking lot.

It’s going to be great weekend; it really is. You’ve all worked so hard all year. We’ve done more this year than any other year and you’ve served with distinction and excellence. It’s a joy to serve with you. I hope it’s as much fun for you as it is for me.

The devotion this week is from Jane Bishop and is especially apropos so I wanted to draw your attention to it specifically. Click here for the Devotion

See you all later on at 6:30 (today is THURSDAY)


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