Thursday’s Thoughts from Will 11.29.18

This is a long email. Please read the entire thing. Considering some of the technical difficulties we encountered last night, we accomplished much in our penultimate CIC rehearsal. I was hoping choir and orchestra wouldn't have to return tonight, but it became obvious early on that wasn't going to happen...and that's okay. I'm the first… Continue reading Thursday’s Thoughts from Will 11.29.18

Thursday’s Thoughts from Will 11.15.18

Great JOB last night. Thanks for leading so well for our Thanksgiving service. Sunday, we will present Thou O Lord. Please make sure you're on time for warm-up. Hope you all will be here for this exciting proclamation of the gospel. Listen to Thou O LordNext Wednesday we will not have any rehearsals since it is… Continue reading Thursday’s Thoughts from Will 11.15.18