Thursday’s Thoughts from Will 10.25.18

Sunday the choir will sing "Great, Great Morning." We worked hard on this one last night. Please be in the loft at or before 9:10 if possible so we have the opportunity to clean this one up if needed. REMINDER: WE WILL have rehearsal next Wednesday night the 31st! Sunday November 4th- Calvary Children’s Home in Morning… Continue reading Thursday’s Thoughts from Will 10.25.18

Thursday’s Thoughts from Will 10.18.18

Sunday we are back in the loft, choir. We are singing "God Leads Us Along." Regular call times for Sunday. Hope you'll be here! It was really lovely last night when we were rehearsing it. I was thinking about it last night after rehearsal what a privilege it is that we can make music together… Continue reading Thursday’s Thoughts from Will 10.18.18