Thursday’s Thoughts from Will 08.30.18

Great rehearsals again last night! Thank you for continuing to be flexible regarding seating in the choir loft. I am working diligently on the seating chart and hope to have it completed in within a week or so.

Sunday, the choir is not in the loft. Orchestra and Praise Team will lead as normal.

Outfits for CIC…This year all men will wear a long- sleeved black shirt and burgundy tie and black pants.  The cost for the shirt will be $20. If you haven’t filled out the size chart yet, Mark Limmer will contact you about getting your sizes.

Almost all ladies have been fitted for the black glitter blouse. If you haven’t, or need a new size, please let me know ASAP. Cost for shirt is $40 which you may pay at anytime. Payable to the church.

Orchestra ladies that are new, plan to wear a black long-sleeved top and black pants/skirt. If you wish to purchase an official black top, we can certainly order you one. Cost is $40 for the top, ladies. As always, if the cost is an issue, let me know.

Sunday September 2– Choir does not sing for Worship Services
Sunday September 16 (4-6 pm) CIC Rehearsal
Sunday September 30-
 Centennial Celebration at 5 pm (rehearsal times forthcoming. We will be premiering our new song “Rise Up and Tell”)
Saturday October 13-Music Ministry Fall Tailgating Party 4-7 p.m.
Sunday October 14- Youth Choir sings in Worship Services
Thursday November 8th- Jubal Brass Concert 7 p.m. at Ivy Creek

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For ALL things CIC click here: Christmas at ICBC

For audio for current worship music, click this link: Current Choral Music (Audio)

Also, check out Who’s Doing What, When, and How page for current Praise Team Schedules, Offertories, Vocal Specials, and Choir Anthems.

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