Thursday’s Thoughts from Will 08.30.18

Great rehearsals again last night!┬áThank you for continuing to be flexible regarding seating in the choir loft. I am working diligently on the seating chart and hope to have it completed in within a week or so. Sunday, the choir is not in the loft. Orchestra and Praise Team will lead as normal. Outfits for… Continue reading Thursday’s Thoughts from Will 08.30.18

Thursday’s Thoughts from Will 08.23.18

Great rehearsals last night. Our Youth Choir had their first rehearsal of the season and we had record attendance. In fact I may have to order more scores for them because their attendance exceeded by expectations. These are exciting times! Last Sunday evening, we had our first CIC rehearsal and while we were flying fast… Continue reading Thursday’s Thoughts from Will 08.23.18

Thursday’s Thoughts from Will 08.16.18

Sunday we are singing/playing "God of Our Praise." We are also baptizing three young ladies in our 11:00 am service. All three of these girls have parents/grandparents in the choir. What a joy to celebrate together! We welcomed three new choir members last night and have two new orchestra members joining us Sunday. God continues… Continue reading Thursday’s Thoughts from Will 08.16.18

Thursday’s Thoughts from Will 08.09.18

Great rehearsals last night. We missed those that weren't here. I know there still was a lot going on with school beginning and AWANA and Children's Choir registration, so hopefully things will settle back in next week. The choir got a chance to sightread the commissioned work for our Centennial Celebration. I'm excited about working… Continue reading Thursday’s Thoughts from Will 08.09.18