Thursday’s Thoughts from Will 03.01.18

What a great revival we had this week. Thank you to all who led in worship!

  1. Our audio/visual folks (Alex Shiver, Jay Foster, and Tyler Whittaker) for making sure everything was handled.
  2. Our folks who sang solos and sang on praise teams (Doris, Deanna, Spencer, Amanda, Beth, and Wesley). Thank you for singing so well and leading us this week.
  3. I’m am always VERY grateful to our guys who play EVERY night of the revival (Hoyt, Stuart, Greg, and Keith). Thank you guys for going the extra mile and playing four nights in a row!
  4. And I am always thankful for our choir and orchestra members. I know most of you would have been more than willing to sing and play each night…and I am grateful for you.

NOW, with revival behind us, things aren’t slowing down just yet. I want to remind you of a few important things most of which you can find by clicking this link Who’s Doing What, When, and How:

  1. This Sunday we are back to normal. We are scheduled to sing a new tune, “I Bless Your Name,” but Beth is having some vocal trouble, so be ready to back up and do something else. Stay tuned for that.
  2. We will have normal rehearsals next Wednesday the 7th.
  3. On the following Sunday, the 11th, orchestra and praise teams will continue as planned, but our Youth Choir is leading in the service so there will be no Adult Choir in the choir loft.
  4. Enjoy your morning break from singing,  because we have our SPECIAL Easter Night of Worship rehearsal that afternoon (the 11th). With the lack of rehearsal time, we need to do some rearranging to our rehearsal times. Note these changes: ORCHESTRA MEET AT 330. CHOIR AT 430. The plan now is to be finished by 6 pm as scheduled, but if we need to continue on, we will. We only have a few rehearsals left before our concert and the orchestra hasn’t even touched three of the choir anthems for the concert just trying to get ready for revival, etc. Please do your best to be present for that so we can get through all the Easter music since we have only limited rehearsal time before our Night of Worship Concert on the 25th.

Be sure to check out our updates:

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