Thursday’s Thoughts from Will 02.22.18


Check out the worship order page to see what we are singing and playing (Current Worship Order). You’ll find all five services from Sunday-Wednesday listed here. One thing I didn’t add was the orchestra will play “In Christ Alone” as a prelude for Sunday evening service.

We are learning a new song with our congregation during our revival. You’ll want to familiarize yourself with it before Sunday–“O Praise the Name” (Anastasis)
O Praise The Name Video

Sunday morning we are singing and playing  “I’m Amazed.” You’ll find a clip of the audio on this page if you need it. Current Choral Music (Audio)

Sunday evening, orchestra and praise team (Deanna and Beth) will meet about 5:15ish to run through the congregational song portion of the service. Choir in place NO LATER than 6 pm to run songs. No particular dress code, but doesn’t have to be Sunday morning dress.

Be sure to check out our  Weekly Devotion AND Prayers, Praise and Birthdays

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